About Us


                   Our Story…

Both Dena and I grew up in Worden, Montana, a small agricultural community on the outskirts of Billings.  While raising our boys, I worked in the petrochemical field while Dena worked as an accountant, all while staying involved in the cattle industry.

In 2004, we purchased a portion of my brother’s place in the foothills of the Judith Mountains and started raising commercial cattle. We decided to raise Gelbvieh and Balancer cattle eight years later after we became drawn to their quiet disposition, moderate mature cow size and strong maternal instincts. The efficiency and productivity of Gelbvieh-Balancer crossbred herds and the benefits of hybrid vigor were of special interest to us, as were the numbers showing how much more productive crossbred females are compared to their purebred counterparts.

In February 2013 we had our first registered Gelbvieh calf crop and could not be more pleased with the breed. Over the past five years we have continued to develop our herd by being very selective with our dams and herd sires, knowing that a successful breeding program can’t stop there. We are devoted to continuously monitoring our herd in order to assure proper feed (we use only natural feed and supplement), conditioning and soundness through a comprehensive vaccination program, and have set the expectation that every animal sold from our program will meet the high demands for all aspects of our buyers.

To make certain our cattle are take-home ready, we spend a great deal of time with our animals, creating a familiarity between bovine and human. And just in case there is any question about the quality of the animal, we back everything with a satisfaction guarantee.

We joined the American Gelbvieh Association in 2013, and from there joined the Montana Stock Growers Association and the Montana Gelbvieh Association. We are one of three breeders that bring bulls to the Central Montana Gelbvieh and Angus Genetics Bull Sale, which is always held the third Saturday in March. We cull aggressively, only letting the very best bulls make the trip, and this year we are very excited about the 15 bulls that made the cut.

The most common comments we hear from past buyers validate everything we strive for: they love how easy the bull is to work with, how he has filled out and how great their calves look. When you buy one of our bulls, that’s what you will get.

The Double B Ranch is a family ranch. Even though all three of our children, Troy, Barry Thomas and Brian, have full-time, out of town jobs, they always make time to bring their families back to the Double B to help us work the ranch. Whether it’s calving, haying, or sorting cattle, we always have a helping hand from our sons, daughter-in-laws and granddaughters.

We have built our ranch and manage our cattle business under our Christian ideals and pride ourselves on treating everyone we come into contact with just as we want to be treated. We are excited about the future and are committed to building a strong base for the Double B Ranch to ensure it continues on, producing quality livestock for many years to come.